It is hard to put into words just how amazing this place is...

About Us

Nik and Madalena discovered the Convento four years ago and have since transformed the place into the magical venue it is today

With alot of energy, passion and excitement they have used there artistic skillsl and vast experience to create what is one of the most unique places in Calatonia, if not all of Spain.

Madeleine and Nik Steven

Nik and Madalena and have worked throughout Europe and have gathered vast experience over the years working with a select international client base.
They have enjoyed great success in product design and interior design. The art of creating beautiful spaces is a talent the couple have mastered to a high degree.
Nik and Madalena have also exhibited several times on the world stage: Maison et Objet in Paris, Ornaris in Zurich and the Repetti building in New York, to name a few. Everything began 25 years ago, when they drove from Switzerland to Malta on a 1950’s Vespa carrying a rucksack stuffed with 20,000 pounds of hard earned cash. The rubble they purchased on the sister island of Gozo was quickly transformed into a magical palace during a period of twelve years. It must be said that everything was made by their own hand, be it from the bronze door knobs and electric light switches to a swimming pool and even a giant glass dome which covered the courtyard. Bronze casting, metal working, and the art of recycling old bedsteads found on a nearby rubbish dump, all contributed to their amazing project. In short, they created A palace! To complete the picture however, children were needed. Luna and Estella were quickly born and became part of the scenario. With parenthood, comes responsibility. Time to move on: This time to the South of France, where a second old farmhouse was bought and converted over a period of five years. Then back to Malta and then on to Switzerland for the kids education, where simultaneously a very large old village house covering 800 square meters was acquired and also restored. (their third and largest undertaking to date) Although a difficult time in their lives, destiny soon decided to change their life’s course again: The move this time, took them to the other side of Switzerland, where they snapped up an investment opportunity in the shape of an apartment in a medieval town on the edge of a pretty lake near Neuchatel. Alas, a lot of fog and depression set in. Time to go again : On the internet, Nik finds their ultimate playground in the form of a ruined 16th century Convent in the heart of Catalonia, Spain. Nik says, this will be our last project, but who knows? only time can tell. “Moving house is hard work but also a lot of fun” says Nik. “I am not the youngest” but it doesn’t stop us from pursuing our dreams. We still have many projects in the pipeline. Wait and see……

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